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Atlantian Awards by Discipline

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Orders and Awards by Discipline
DISCIPLINE Peerage Orders
(carry Patent of Arms)
Orders of High Merit
(carry Grant of Arms)
Orders of Merit
(carry Award of Arms)
Youth Awards/Orders
Generic (Patent of Arms) Grant of Arms Award of Arms Augmentation of Arms Award of the Sea Urchin Sea Urchin
Arts & Sciences Order of the Laurel Laurels Order of the Pearl Pearl Order of the Coral Branch Coral Branch Award of the Silver Nautilus Silver Nautilus Order of the Alcyon Alcyon
Service Order of the Pelican Pelicans Order of the Golden Dolphin Golden Dolphin Order of the Opal Opal Award of the Fountain Fountain

Award of the Herring Herring

Award of the Star of the Sea Star of the Sea
Order of the Hippocampus Hippocampus
Armored Combat Order of the Chivalry (Knighthood) Order of the Chivalry (Masters/Mistresses at Arms) Chivalry Order of the Kraken Kraken Order of the Sea Stag Sea Stag Order of the Silver Osprey Silver Osprey Award of the Shark's Tooth Shark's Tooth

Award of the Vexillum Atlantiae Vexillum Atlantiae
Order of the Sea Tyger Sea Tyger
Rapier Combat Order of Defense Defense Order of the White Scarf White Scarf Order of the Sea Dragon Sea Dragon
Archery / Siege / Thrown Weapons   Order of the Yew Bow Yew Bow Order of the King's Missiliers King's Missiliers
Equestrian   Order of the Golden Lance of Atlantia Golden Lance of Atlantia Order of the Quintain Quintain    
Courtesy       Queen's Order of Courtesy Queen's Order of Courtesy Arielle Arielle
TRM's Discretion     Court Baronage Court Baronage Order of the Nonpareil Order of the Nonpareil

King's Award of Excellence King's Award of Excellence

Award of the Undine Undine


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