Atlantian Order of Precedence
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The Baronies of Atlantia

The Baronies of Atlantia, in order of precedence, with Founding Baronage

The current Atlantian Baronage is listed under Territorial Baronage or in the Landed Baronage section of the Kingdom of Atlantia web site.

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# Barony Arms First Investiture Date Founding Baron Founding Baroness
1 Windmasters' Hill Arms of Windmasters' Hill February 19, 1977 (AS 11) Brian Maolcaoin  
2 Caer Mear Arms of Caer Mear January 14, 1978 (AS 12) Thomas-Edmund de Warrick  
3 Storvik Arms of Storvik September 15, 1979 (AS 14)   Ysabeau Cameron
4 Nottinghill Coill Arms of Nottinghill Coill January 12, 1980 (AS 14) Gavin Reynes  
5 Tir-y-Don Arms of Tir-y-Don April 25, 1981 (AS 15)   Ann Etheridge of Somerset
6 Sacred Stone Arms of Sacred Stone September 6, 1982 (AS 17) Jason Michael of Andover Susan Douglas of Andover
7 Black Diamond Arms of Black Diamond February 4, 1984 (AS 18) Ismael ibn Murad al-ben Mohammed nasil Hakim  
8 Hidden Mountain Arms of Hidden Mountain March 25, 1984 (AS 18) Eldon Ungol of the Phoenix Marie-Simone de Barjavel 'la Fildena
9 Marinus Arms of Marinus September 26, 1987 (AS 22) Donal macRuiseart Catherine de Bellefleur
10 Lochmere Arms of Lochmere August 20, 1988 (AS 23) Aelfred of Cres Deirdre of Lochmere
11 Ponte Alto Arms of Ponte Alto February 29, 1992 (AS 26) Niall McKennett Teleri Talgellawg
12 Dun Carraig Arms of Dun Carraig November 20, 1993 (AS 28) Adenwald the Hazardous Rose of Black Diamond
13 Bright Hills Arms of Bright Hills February 12, 1994 (AS 28) Heinrich Kreiner Barbara Giomaria di Roberto
14 Stierbach Arms of Stierbach February 21, 1998 (AS 32) Ivan Ivanovich Nemytyi Rowan Berran McDowell
15 Highland Foorde Arms of Highland Foorde June 12, 1999 (AS 34) Konrad der Ruhige Bär Isabella Stere
16 Hawkwood Arms of Hawkwood June 19, 2004 (AS 39) Duncan Gregor MacGregor Eyrick MacGregor
17 Raven's Cove Arms of Raven's Cove September 18, 2010 (AS 45) Torquil MacTaggart the Steadfast Katharine de la Vache

Note: The Barony of Myrkewoode is not listed, but its legacy is the Kingdom around us today.

Images of Baronial arms courtesy of Bran Trefonnen and Seamus The Tinker.

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