Atlantian Order of Precedence
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Atlantian Barony - Windmaster's Hill

Arms of Windmaster's Hill

First Investiture: February 19, 1977 (AS 11)


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The Barons and Baronesses of Windmaster's Hill

Investiture Date Divestiture Date Baron Baroness Term
February 19, 1977 (AS 11) February 17, 1979 (AS 13) Brian Maolcaoin   Brian
February 17, 1979 (AS 13) July 21, 1979 (AS 14) Brian Maolcaoin Karina Haakonsdottir Brian and Karina
July 21, 1979 (AS 14) February 21, 1981 (AS 15)     Ysar (VICAR)
February 21, 1981 (AS 15) August 3, 1985 (AS 20)   Gwyneth merch Macsen Gwyneth
August 3, 1985 (AS 20) June 4, 1988 (AS 23) Valdemar Wendel Bayard Clare de Crecy Valdemar and Clare
June 4, 1988 (AS 23) October 26, 1991 (AS 26) Eldrid Tremayne   Eldrid
October 26, 1991 (AS 26) January 8, 1994 (AS 28) Robyyan Torr d'Elandris Fernanda de la Forêt Robyyan and Fernanda
January 8, 1994 (AS 28) February 14, 1998 (AS 32)   Ceridwen ferch Owain Ceridwen
February 14, 1998 (AS 32) February 12, 2000 (AS 34) Wulfbrand Lurkr Aileen McDonagh Wulfbrand and Aileen
February 12, 2000 (AS 34) September 21, 2002 (AS 37) Iacopo Attaviano da Vizzi Lucia Bellini Iacopo and Lucia
September 21, 2002 (AS 37) February 15, 2003 (AS 37)     Ceridwen (VICAR)
February 15, 2003 (AS 37) February 12, 2005 (AS 39) Rodrigo Falcone   Rodrigo
February 12, 2005 (AS 39) February 10, 2007 (AS 41) Geoffrey Athos von Ulm Maddalena Salutati Geoffrey and Maddalena
February 10, 2007 (AS 41) February 14, 2009 (AS 43) Gaston Valmont Rosalind Delamere Gaston and Rosalind
February 14, 2009 (AS 43) February 18, 2012 (AS 46) Girard le Bourguignon Guenièvre de Monmarché Girard and Guenievre
February 18, 2012 (AS 46) February 25, 2017 (AS 51) Callistus Gill Adriana la Bretonne Callistus and Adriana
February 25, 2017 (AS 51) Unknown Daemon Broussard Typhaine de Loheac Daemon and Typhaine

A Baronial Order of Precedence containing all known members of the Barony

The Awards of Windmaster's Hill

Award Name Award Badge Award Description
Order of the Kitty Hawk   For service to the Barony
Order of the Don Quixote   For service to the Barony beyond reason
Order of the St. Nicholas   For service by or for children
Order of the Boreas Badge of Boreas For excellence in arts and sciences
Order of the Tempest   For excellence on the fighting field
Baronial Award of Excellence   At the discretion of the Baronage
Award of the Purple Heart   For people injured in service to the Barony
Award of the Cat's Meow   Given to newer members of the Barony in recognition of their contributions to the Barony.
Award of the Windfriend  
Award of the Dormant Kittyhawk   For members of the Barony who have the ability to fall asleep anywhere.
Honorary Citizen of Windmasters' Hill   For people leaving Windmasters' Hill that have made a lasting impression on the Barony and we want to be able to keep as members of the populace.
Award of the Wounded Kitty   For people injured in service to the Barony
Award of the Eurus   Given for a single noteworthy effort of service for or to the Barony. May be received multiple times.
Award of the Notus   Given for a single wonder of Arts and Science within or for the Barony. May be received multiple times.
Order of the Aeolus   For fighters under the age of 18 either for youth combat or for participation in regular SCA combat between ages 16 and 18.
Award of the Hurt   Given for those who have been injured in service to the Barony.
Award of the Torteau   Given for a single superb effort on the fighting field with or for the Barony. This award may be received multiple times. Formerly the Award of the Scirroco.
Baroness' Award of Courtesy  
Order of the Golden Ladle   Baronial cooking award

Images of Baronial arms courtesy of Bran Trefonnen and Seamus The Tinker.

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