Atlantian Order of Precedence
OP Line

Request Corrections to the Order of Precedence

Please fill in your SCA Name and Email so that the Clerk of Precedence may contact you regarding the status of your request.

If you are submitting this request on behalf of someone else, you should still enter YOUR name and email address in the SCA Name and Email fields, and include the SCA name of the person on whose behalf you are sending the request in the Correction Request field. Otherwise it surprises people when I reply to emails they never sent, and you don't get to hear about the status of a request you made. :)

Device Images

If you have an image of your device that you would like to have included on the OP and Order web sites, please send an email to op AT

The email should include:
  • Your legal name
  • Permission to use the image on web sites
  • Your full SCA name, as listed on the OP site, so your device can be linked up properly to your data
  • Your device image attached
The preferred image format is a GIF or PNG image with a transparent background, sized about 200 x 250 pixels. JPG and BMP images will also be accepted and converted to PNG format. Please ask first (via email, op AT before sending other image formats to confirm they can be converted.

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