Atlantian Order of Precedence
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Order of the Rose

Badge of the Order of the Rose

All Consorts of Atlantia are inducted into the Order of the Rose upon the successful completion of their first reign, unless they are already members.

Recipients are listed in the order bestowed.

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SCA Name Award Kingdom Award Date Ascending Event Bestowed By
Elisenda de Luna Rose (no arms) Meridies Unknown ENA* BNA*
Alyson of Islay Rose (PoA) East 4/20/1974 ENA* BNA*
Lorna of Leeds Rose (PoA) West 1/4/1975 ENA* BNA*
Ysabeau Cameron Rose (PoA) East 4/24/1976 ENA* BNA*
Ianthe d'Averoigne Rose (PoA) East 10/8/1977 ENA* BNA*
Elizabeth Karien of the Four Winds Rose (no arms) Atenveldt 12/17/1977 ENA* BNA*
Bevin Fraser of Sterling Rose (PoA) West 8/19/1978 ENA* BNA*
Melisande de Belvoir Rose (PoA) East 10/14/1978 ENA* BNA*
Allanda de Warwick Rose (PoA) East 4/7/1979 ENA* BNA*
Carissa of Burgundy Rose (PoA) East 4/4/1981 ENA* BNA*
Anya de Calais Rose (no arms) Atlantia 4/3/1982 Coronation of Gyrth and Melisande (Storvik) Gyrth I and Melisande I
Tuiren de Lisle Rose (no arms) Atlantia 3/26/1983 Coronation of Michael and Carissa (Falconcree) Michael II and Carissa II
Aislinn Schattenwald Rose (no arms) Atlantia 4/7/1984 Coronation of Richard and Anne (Storvik) Richard I and Anne I
Berengaria of Hythe Rose (no arms) Caid 6/2/1984 ENA* BNA*
Anne FitzGilbert Rose (no arms) Atlantia 10/20/1984 Coronation of Knarlic and Alexis (Marinus) Knarlic I and Alexis I
Alexis Ruthin of Wessex Rose (no arms) Atlantia 4/27/1985 Coronation of Richard and Anne (Storvik) Richard II and Anne II
Fernanda de la Forêt Rose (PoA) Middle 8/17/1985 ENA* BNA*
Caterina Leonora de Forza d'Agro Rose (no arms) Atlantia 10/18/1986 Coronation of Klaus and Cyffaith (Storvik) Klaus I and Cyffaith I
Arianwen Cyffaith of Caerleon Rose (no arms) Atlantia 4/4/1987 Coronation of Olaf and Judith (Sacred Stone) Olaf III and Judith I
Judith von Gruenwald Rose (no arms) Atlantia 10/3/1987 Coronation of Badouin and Caterina (Windmaster's Hill) Badouin I and Caterina I
Cara Marie of Carlisle Rose (PoA) Trimaris 3/5/1988 ENA* BNA*
Elizabeth Beaufort Rose (no arms) Atlantia 9/24/1988 Coronation of Barry and Simone (Nottinghill Coill) Barry I and Simone I
Alysandra the Whyte Moor Rose (no arms) Caid 11/19/1988 ENA* BNA*
Marie-Simone de Barjavel 'la Fildena Rose (no arms) Atlantia 4/8/1989 Coronation of Michael and Seonaid (Marinus) Michael III and Seonaid I
Kira Leonovna Zemnodushina [Kira Leonovna Zhemhadushina] Rose (PoA) West 4/29/1989 ENA* BNA*
Seonaid ní Fhionn Rose (no arms) Atlantia 9/9/1989 Coronation of Barry and Simone (Hidden Mountain) Barry II and Simone II
Niobe Lais Rose (PoA) West 8/24/1991 ENA* BNA*
Luned of Snowdon Rose (no arms) Atlantia 9/14/1991 Coronation of Galmr and Katharina (Dun Carraig) Galmr I and Katharina I
Katharina von Straubing Rose (no arms) Atlantia 3/7/1992 Coronation of Michael and Seonaid (Sacred Stone) Michael V and Seonaid III
Twila of Wulfshaven Rose (no arms) Atlantia 3/6/1993 Coronation of Cuan and Arianwen (Middlegate) Cuán I and Arianwen I
Aria de Châtillon Rose (no arms) Atlantia 9/4/1993 Coronation of Kane and Muirgen (Caer Mear) Kane I and Muirgen I
Genevieve de Blois Rose (PoA) East 10/9/1993 ENA* BNA*
Muirgen of Caer Ddu Rose (no arms) Atlantia 3/5/1994 Coronation of Anton and Luned (Caer Mear) Anton II and Luned II
Eórann O'Connor Rose (no arms) Atlantia 4/1/1995 Coronation of Michael and Seonaid (Sacred Stone) Michael VI and Seonaid IV
Adelicia of Cumbria Rose (AoA) Drachenwald 7/1/1995 ENA* BNA*
Brigit of Mercia Rose (no arms) Atlantia 4/20/1996 Coronation of Galmr and Katharina (Storvik) Galmr II and Katharina II
Rebekah Kleinspielerin Rose (no arms) Ansteorra 7/20/1996 ENA* BNA*
Arielle the Golden Rose (no arms) Atlantia 4/5/1997 Coronation of Cuan and Bera (Caer Mear) Cuán III and Bera I
Bera Thorbjarnardóttir Rose (no arms) Atlantia 9/13/1997 Coronation of Logan and Arielle (Sacred Stone) Logan II and Arielle II
Caia Snowden Rose (no arms) Atlantia 4/1/2000 Coronation of Ragnarr & Kyneburh (Windmaster's Hill) Ragnarr I and Kyneburh I
Kyneburh Boithuile Rose (no arms) Atlantia 9/9/2000 Coronation of Anton and Emer (Sacred Stone) Anton IV and Emer I
Emma ny Reyly Rose (no arms) Atlantia 4/7/2001 Coronation of Havordh and Mary Grace (Storvik) Havordth I and Mary Grace I
Mary Grace of Gatland Rose (no arms) Atlantia 9/8/2001 Coronation of Galmr and Aryanna (Lochmere) Galmr III and Aryanna I
Aryanna Hawkyns Rose (no arms) Atlantia 4/6/2002 Coronation of Logan and Isabel (Attilium) Logan III and Isabel I
Isabel Grimault Rose (no arms) Atlantia 9/7/2002 Royal Hunt (Coronation of Cuán and Pádraigín) (Windmaster's Hill) Cuán IV and Pádraigín I
Pádraigín Ó hEachach Rose (no arms) Atlantia 4/5/2003 Coronation of Logan and Isabel (Falconcree) Logan IV and Isabel II
Eórann Maguire Rose (PoA) Trimaris 5/24/2003 ENA* BNA*
Honor of Restormel Rose (AoA) Drachenwald 1/8/2005 ENA* BNA*
Rachel Wallace Rose (no arms) Atlantia 4/2/2005 Coronation of Robert and Denise (Lochmere) Robert I and Denise I
Denise Duvalier Rose (no arms) Atlantia 9/3/2005 Coronation of Janos and Rachel (Nottinghill Coill) János II and Rachel II
Anneke Raudhe Rose (no arms) Atlantia 4/7/2007 Coronation of Valharic and Arielle (Sacred Stone) Valharic I and Arielle III
Margerite von Buchholtz Rose (AoA) Drachenwald 6/9/2007 ENA* BNA*
Rowan Berran McDowell Rose (no arms) Atlantia 4/5/2008 Coronation of Sinclair and Kari (Hawkwood) Sinclair I and Kari I
Kari Kyst Rose (no arms) Atlantia 9/13/2008 Chalice of the Sun God V/Coronation of Jason and Gerhild (Ponte Alto) Jason I and Gerhild I
Gerhild the Willful Rose (no arms) Atlantia 4/11/2009 Coronation of Logan and Esa (Black Diamond) Logan VI and Esa I
Esa Kirkepatrike Rose (no arms) Atlantia 8/29/2009 The Coronation of Vladimir and Kalisa & Stierbach Baronial Birthday (Stierbach) Vladimir I and Kalisa I
Kalisa Aleksandrovna Rose (no arms) Atlantia 4/10/2010 Spring Coronation (Raven's Cove) Jason II and Gerhild II
Elisenda de Luna Rose (no arms) Meridies 9/11/2010 ENA* BNA*
Brianna O Duinn Rose (no arms) Atlantia 4/2/2011 Spring Coronation (Atlantia) Michael IX and Seonaid VII
Sibilla Daine Rose (PoA) Trimaris 4/7/2012 ENA* BNA*
Ysabella Cacemoine Rose (no arms) Atlantia 10/5/2013 Coronation of King Ragnarr & Queen Lynette (Atlantia) Ragnarr IV and Lynette I
Lynette Semere Rose (no arms) Atlantia 4/5/2014 Coronation of King William & Queen Kara (Atlantia) William I and Kára I
Kára Óláfsdóttir Rose (no arms) Atlantia 10/4/2014 Fall Coronation (Bright Hills) Michael X and Seonaid VIII
Adelhait Fuchs Rose (no arms) Atlantia 4/2/2016 Spring Coronation (Atlantia) Dietrich I and Thora I
Thora Heri Rose (no arms) Atlantia 10/1/2016 Atlantian Fall Coronation 2016 (Atlantia) William II and Alyna I
Oda of Austrasia [Oda Austrasia] Rose (no arms) Meridies 4/1/2017 ENA* BNA*
Alyna of the Vale Rose (no arms) Atlantia 4/1/2017 The Temptation of Atlantia Coronation of Signy and Cuan (Atlantia) Cuán VII and Signy I
Signy Heri Rose (no arms) Atlantia 10/7/2017 Fall Coronation 2017 (Border Vale Keep) Amos II and Kára II
Una Olfuss [Una Ulfuss] Rose (no arms) Atlantia 10/6/2018 Fall Coronation 2018 (Sacred Stone) Ragnarr V and Lynette II

There are 69 award recipients.

* ENA = Event Not Atlantian - Only events where Atlantian royalty bestowed awards are tracked in the Atlantian OP.
* BNA = Bestowed By Not Atlantian - Only when awards are bestowed by Atlantian royalty is that information tracked in the Atlantian OP.

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