Atlantian Order of Precedence
OP Line

Order of the Aeolus

For fighters under the age of 18 either for youth combat or for participation in regular SCA combat between ages 16 and 18.

Recipients are listed in the order bestowed.

OP Line

SCA Name Award Date Ascending Event Bestowed By
Roland of Flamingbolt - Premier 2/9/2007 Tourney of Ymir (Windmasters' Hill) Geoffrey and Maddalena
William Garrett 8/11/2011 Pennsic War XL (Æthelmearc) Girard and Guenievre
Edward Tallis 8/5/2015 Pennsic War XLIV (Æthelmearc) Callistus and Adriana

There are 3 award recipients.

* ENA = Event Not Atlantian - Only events where Atlantian royalty bestowed awards are tracked in the Atlantian OP.
* BNA = Bestowed By Not Atlantian - Only when awards are bestowed by Atlantian royalty is that information tracked in the Atlantian OP.

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