Atlantian Order of Precedence
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Sir Kollack von Zweckel

Bright Hills, Atlantia

Argent, an eagle per pale azure and sable, a sinister tierce indented azure.

Name registered with the College of Arms in January 1995.

Device registered with the College of Arms in March 2018.

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Awards are listed in the order bestowed.

Award Date Ascending
Award Name Heraldic Badge for Precedence sort
Event Bestowed By
12/19/1992 Award of Arms (Atlantia) Winter Solstice (Atlantia) Steffan I and Twila I
2/8/1997 Companion of the Silberberg (Atlantia) (Bright Hills)    
2/7/1998 Companion of the Blue Collar (Atlantia) (Bright Hills)    
2/14/2004 Augmentation of the Order of the Silberberg (Atlantia) (Bright Hills) Bright Hills Baronial Birthday/A Day In al-Andalus (Bright Hills) Barre and Cordelia
8/18/2004 Companion of the Sea Stag (Atlantia) Pennsic War XXXIII (Æthelmearc) Cuán V and Pádraigín II
5/7/2005 Baronial Award of Courtesy (Atlantia) (Bright Hills) Crown Tournament XLIX (Bright Hills) Barre and Cordelia
5/7/2005 Supporters (Atlantia) (One is Spike) Crown Tournament XLIX (Bright Hills) Robert I and Denise I
5/7/2005 Award of the Fountain (Atlantia) Crown Tournament XLIX (Bright Hills) Robert I and Denise I
8/3/2008 Companion of Job (Atlantia) (Bright Hills) Pennsic War XXXVII (Æthelmearc) Martelle
8/7/2008 Companion of Saint Aidan (Atlantia) - EMERITUS 2/25/2017 Pennsic War XXXVII (Æthelmearc) Sinclair I and Kari I
8/7/2008 Augmentation of Arms (Atlantia) (Saint Aidan) Pennsic War XXXVII (Æthelmearc) Sinclair I and Kari I
2/14/2009 Companion of St Barbara (Atlantia) (Bright Hills) From Lupercus to Valentinus- a Celebration of Courtly Love- Bright Hills Baronial Birthday (Bright Hills) Martelle
6/13/2009 Companion of the Kraken (Atlantia) The Golden Rose Tournament (Windmaster's Hill) Logan VI and Esa I
1/16/2010 Award of Excellence of Lochmere (Atlantia) (Lochmere) Midwinter's Revel (Lochmere) Dominick and Margery
2/12/2011 Companion of the Golden Dolphin (Atlantia) Bright Hills Birthday and Investiture (Bright Hills) Bryan I and Brianna I
1/25/2014 Award of the Fountain (Atlantia) Mid-Winter's Revel: A Journey Along the Silk Road (Lochmere) Ragnarr IV and Lynette I
4/19/2014 Territorial Baron, Retired (Atlantia) (Bright Hills) - RETIRED 2/9/2019 Bright Hills Investiture (Bright Hills) William I and Kára I
10/1/2016 Award of the Shark's Tooth (Atlantia) Atlantian Fall Coronation 2016 (Atlantia) William II and Alyna I
2/25/2017 Knight (Atlantia) Tournament of Ymir and Baronial Investiture (Windmaster's Hill) William II and Alyna I
8/6/2017 Order of the Azure Heron (Atlantia) (Lochmere) - Premier Pennsic War XLVI (Æthelmearc) Gabrell and Avice
4/7/2018 Companion of the Queen's Order of Courtesy (Atlantia) Spring Coronation 2018 (Atlantia) Amos II and Kára II
2/9/2019 Court Baron (Atlantia) Bright Hills 25th Baronial Anniversary (Bright Hills) Ragnarr V and Lynette II

There are 22 awards.

* ENA = Event Not Atlantian - Only events where Atlantian royalty bestowed awards are tracked in the Atlantian OP.
* BNA = Bestowed By Not Atlantian - Only when awards are bestowed by Atlantian royalty is that information tracked in the Atlantian OP.

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