Atlantian Order of Precedence
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Individual Atlantian Award Information

Lady Collette de Paris

AKA Khazima bint Hakim

Sudentorre, Atlantia

Azure, a lion of Saint Mark statant guardant and on a chief argent three fleurs-de-lys azure.

Name registered with the College of Arms in November 2005.

Device registered with the College of Arms in October 2007.

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Awards are listed in alphabetical order by Award Name.

Award Date
Award Name  Heraldic Badge for Precedence sort
Event Bestowed By
3/31/2001 Award of Arms (Unknown) () ENA* BNA*
5/25/2006 Companion (Æthelmearc) (Thescorre) ENA* BNA*
3/1/2008 Order of the Fleur of Æthelmearc (Æthelmearc) ENA* BNA*
9/24/2005 Order of the Keystone (Æthelmearc) ENA* BNA*
8/7/2021 Companion of the Opal (Atlantia) Stierbach Baronial Birthday XXIII (Stierbach) Eckehard I & Jane I
8/14/2006 Order of the Raven's Feather (Æthelmearc) (Thescorre) ENA* BNA*
11/22/2014 Companion of Saint Roch (Atlantia) (Stierbach) Holiday Faire (Stierbach) Mors and Esperanza
9/20/2008 Order of the Sigil of Æthelmearc (Æthelmearc) ENA* BNA*
4/22/2006 Order of the Sigil of Æthelmearc (Æthelmearc) ENA* BNA*
9/8/2018 Award of the Silver Compass (Atlantia) (Stierbach) Barony of Stierbach's 20th Baronial Birthday (Stierbach) Saphir and Karin
3/26/2021 Companion of the Silver Heart (Atlantia) (Stierbach) VIRTUAL Defending the Gate and Baronial Investiture (Sudentorre) Saphir and Karin
9/16/2006 Order of the Sycamore (Æthelmearc) ENA* BNA*

There are 12 awards.

* ENA = Event Not Atlantian - Only events where Atlantian royalty bestowed awards are tracked in the Atlantian OP.
* BNA = Bestowed By Not Atlantian - Only when awards are bestowed by Atlantian royalty is that information tracked in the Atlantian OP.

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