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Ædric the Grene (January 1998)
AKA AEdric the Green
Recipient has device image  Per pale sable and vert. (January 1998)
1/13/2001 Award of Arms (Atlantia) Atlantian Twelfth Night Masqued Ball (Windmasters' Hill) Anton IV and Emer I
Æduin of Skye (April 2002)
AKA Ædwin of Skye (3/01), AEduin of Skye
Per bend vert and argent, a Norse sun cross argent and an anchor sable. (March 2001)
5/19/2001 Sable Fret (Caid) (Altavia) ENA* BNA*
5/19/2001 Award of Arms (Caid) ENA* BNA*
5/11/2002 Sable Fret (Caid) (Altavia) ENA* BNA*
7/24/2004 Order of the Harp Argent (Caid) ENA* BNA*
8/5/2006 Order of the Dolphin of Caid (Caid) ENA* BNA*
8/5/2006 Sable Oak (Caid) (Darach) ENA* BNA*
5/19/2007 Order of the Lux Caidus (Caid) ENA* BNA*
3/15/2009 Order of the Crescent (Caid) ENA* BNA*
Æinarr Sigþórson [Æinar Sigþórsson] (November 2016)
AKA Aeinar Sigthorrson
Recipient has device image  Per saltire sable and azure, in pale a wolf's head cabossed and a valknut argent. (November 2016)
10/19/2019 Award of Arms (Atlantia) War of the Wings XIV (Atlantia) Cuán VIII and Signy II
Ælfdís Þórsdóttir (January 2016)
AKA Alfdis Thorsdottir, Kat of Sudentorre
No known blazon
8/6/2014 Companion of Saint Roch (Atlantia) (Stierbach) Pennsic War XLIII (Æthelmearc) Mors and Esperanza
11/22/2014 Holder of the Dreamer's Cup (Atlantia) (Stierbach) Holiday Faire (Stierbach) Mors and Esperanza
3/26/2016 Companion of the King's Missiliers (Atlantia) Defending the Gate XV (Sudentorre) Christoph I and Adelhait I
3/26/2016 Award of the Silver Bow (Atlantia) (Stierbach) Defending the Gate XV (Sudentorre) Mors and Esperanza
10/1/2016 Award of the Undine (Atlantia) Atlantian Fall Coronation 2016 (Atlantia) Dietrich I and Thora I
8/6/2018 Award of the Fountain (Atlantia) Pennsic War XLVII (Æthelmearc) Dietrich II and Una I
9/8/2018 Companion of Saint Roch (Atlantia) (Stierbach) Barony of Stierbach's 20th Baronial Birthday (Stierbach) Saphir and Karin
3/26/2021 Award of the Silver Compass (Atlantia) (Stierbach) VIRTUAL Defending the Gate and Baronial Investiture (Sudentorre) Saphir and Karin
Ælfgar Greyseas (September 1992)
AKA Aelfgar Greyseas, Heltar Greyseas
Recipient has device image  Quarterly per pale embattled argent semy of pheons sable, and sable, two wings in bend sinister argent. (September 1992)
Unknown Companion of the Crab's Claw (Atlantia) (Lochmere)    
1/29/1977 Award of Arms (East) ENA* BNA*
1/25/1992 Augmentation of Arms (Atlantia) Lunar New Year (Dun Carraig) Galmr I and Katharina I
1/8/1994 Companion of the Yew Bow (Atlantia) - Premier Kingdom Twelfth Night (Attilium) Kane I and Muirgen I
1/31/1998 Companion of the Blasted Oak (Atlantia) (Lochmere)    
1/31/1999 Companion of the Golden Arrow (Atlantia) (Lochmere)    
9/27/2003 Territorial Baron, Retired (Atlantia) (Lochmere) - RETIRED 9/10/2005 Knight of the Heart (Lochmere) Ragnarr II and Kyneburh II
9/10/2005 Court Baron (Atlantia) Masters of Defense and Baronial Investiture (Lochmere) János II and Rachel II
9/27/2008 Companion of the Opal (Atlantia) Lochmere 20th Anniversary and Baronial Investiture (Lochmere) Jason I and Gerhild I
5/22/2010 Companion of the Eagle's Feather (Atlantia) (Lochmere) On Target (Lochmere) Dominick and Margery
12/11/2020 Ordo Aquilae Albae of Lochmere (Atlantia) (Lochmere) - Premier Navarre Court at the Royal Palace of Olite (Atlantia) Cormac and Sarra
Ælfric Ecgeling
AKA Ælfrið Ecgeling
No known blazon
6/8/2019 Award of the Silver Nautilus (Atlantia) Journey Through the Nine Realms (Raven's Cove) Christoph II and Adelhait II
8/7/2019 Award of Arms (Atlantia) Pennsic War (Æthelmearc) Christoph II and Adelhait II
Ælfrun Errantmaid (December 1982)
AKA Aelfrun Errantmaid
Recipient has device image  Azure, on a bend sinister ermine between two urchins statant to sinister argent, an ermine courant sable. (November 1988)
12/6/1986 Companion of the Sacred Stone (Atlantia) (Sacred Stone)    
6/6/1987 Award of Arms (Atlantia) Giant's Dance (Sacred Stone) Olaf III and Judith I
9/5/1987 Companion of the Phoenix Eye (Atlantia) (Sacred Stone) Sacred Stone Baronial Birthday (Sacred Stone) Jason and Susan
Ælfwyn av Bornholm (October 1994)
AKA Aelfwyn av Bornholm, Aelfwyn av Bomhold
Recipient has device image  Argent, a sword inverted sable entwined with a vine vert between flaunches azure each charged with a mullet argent. (June 1995)
4/1/1995 Award of Arms (Atlantia) Coronation of Michael and Seonaid (Sacred Stone) Michael VI and Seonaid IV
6/24/2006 Companion of the Opal (Atlantia) Wastelands (Middlegate) Michael VIII and Seonaid VI
1/24/2009 Baronial Award of Excellence (Atlantia) (Sacred Stone) Chansons de Sacred Stone (Sacred Stone) Marc and Alianor
Ælfwynn of Boscastle (August 2004)
AKA Erica von Charlottenburg
Recipient has device image  Per pale argent and azure, two horses combatant counterchanged. (November 2004)
10/18/2003 Companion of the Silver Oak Leaf (Atlantia) (Bright Hills) T&T (Bright Hills) Barre and Cordelia
8/18/2004 Award of Arms (Atlantia) Pennsic War XXXIII (Æthelmearc) Cuán V and Pádraigín II
10/30/2004 Companion of the Augean Stables (Atlantia) (Bright Hills) Thegns and Thralls: A Night in Heorot (Bright Hills) Barre and Cordelia
1/8/2005 Order of the Hippocampus (Atlantia) Kingdom 12th Night (Stierbach) János I and Rachel I
2/12/2005 Award of the Glass Slipper (Atlantia) (Bright Hills) Bright Hills Birthday: The Best of Bright Hills (Bright Hills) Barre and Cordelia
5/7/2005 Award of the Silver Nautilus (Atlantia) Crown Tournament XLIX (Bright Hills) Robert I and Denise I
Ælfwynn of Witebi (February 2004)
AKA Aelfwynn of Whitby
Recipient has device image  Checky argent and purpure, a chief embattled sable. (February 2004)
7/1/1993 Award of Arms (East) ENA* BNA*
2/27/1999 Companion of the Garland (Atlantia) (Ponte Alto) Ponte Alto Baronial Birthday (Ponte Alto) Ranulf and Caitlyn
2/23/2002 Companion of the Golden Dolphin (Atlantia) Ponte Alto Baronial Birthday and Investiture (Ponte Alto) Galmr III and Aryanna I
11/1/2003 Companion of the Pearl (Atlantia) Crown Tournament (Tir-y-Don) Ragnarr II and Kyneburh II
3/28/2009 Companion of Saint Roch (Atlantia) (Stierbach) Defending the Gate (Sudentorre) Flaithri and Rhonwen
Ælfwynn æt Wenlocan (January 2006)
AKA AElfwynn aet Wenlocan, Aelfwyn of Wenlock
Recipient has device image  Per pale gules semy-de-lys Or and argent semy-de-lys gules, two herons statant respectant wings addorsed counterchanged argent and sable. (January 2008)
8/13/2003 Award of Arms (Atlantia) Pennsic War XXXII (Æthelmearc) Logan IV and Isabel II
9/6/2003 Award of the Undine (Atlantia) Coronation of Ragnarr and Kyneburh (Stierbach) Logan IV and Isabel II
9/3/2005 Supporters (Atlantia) (One is Spike) Coronation of Janos and Rachel (Nottinghill Coill) Robert I and Denise I
9/3/2005 King's Award of Excellence (Atlantia) Coronation of Janos and Rachel (Nottinghill Coill) Robert I and Denise I
8/8/2007 Companion of the Coral Branch (Atlantia) Pennsic War XXXVI (Æthelmearc) Valharic I and Arielle III
9/1/2007 Augmentation of Arms (Atlantia) (A Gorgon's head sable) Coronation of Logan and Rowan (Stierbach) Valharic I and Arielle III
Æsa Kottr [Aesa Kottr] (March 2017)
AKA Aesa Kottr
Azure, a domestic cat's head contourny issuant from base, in canton a decrescent, a bordure argent. (June 2019)
11/17/2018 Companion of the Kitty Hawk (Atlantia) (Windmasters' Hill) Buckston Birthday Bash (Buckston-on-Eno) Daemon and Typhaine
3/2/2019 Award of Arms (Atlantia) Kingdom Arts & Science Festival (Atlantia) Ragnarr V and Lynette II
Æsa Þorarinsdottir
AKA Aesa Thorarinsdottir
No known blazon
3/29/2014 Companion of the Kitty Hawk (Atlantia) (Windmasters' Hill) The Grand Tournament of Friends VI (Attilium) Callistus and Adriana
5/3/2014 Award of Arms (Atlantia) Spring Crown Tournament (Atlantia) William I and Kára I
9/5/2015 Honorary Citizen of Windmasters' Hill (Atlantia) (Windmasters' Hill) Conquest of Granada (Windmasters' Hill) Callistus and Adriana
Æthelflæd of Stæfforda (July 1994)
AKA Aethelflaed of Staefforda
Recipient has device image  Per bend sinister gules and argent, a rose sable, barbed vert seeded argent, a bordure wavy counterchanged. (February 1995)
10/14/1995 Award of Arms (Atlantia) Under a Harvest Moon (Atlantia) Cuán II and Brigit I
6/8/1996 Companion of the Swan and Cygnet (Atlantia) (Tir-y-Don)    
1/17/1998 Companion of the Orca (Atlantia) (Tir-y-Don)    
5/29/1999 Companion of the Golden Dolphin (Atlantia) Emerald Joust (Atlantia) Stephan I and Niobe I
5/27/2000 King's Award of Excellence (Atlantia) Sapphire Joust (Caer Mear) Ragnarr I and Kyneburh I
Æthelwulf Cynricson of Stonegrave (January 1998)
AKA Aethelwulf Cynricson of Stonegrave
Recipient has device image  Vert, a stag rampant within an annulet argent. (January 1998)
1/18/1997 Companion of the Fettered Crane (Atlantia) (Black Diamond)    
1/18/1997 Award of Arms (Atlantia) Ice Castles (Black Diamond) Logan I and Arielle I

There are 15 award recipients.

* ENA = Event Not Atlantian - Only events where Atlantian royalty bestowed awards are tracked in the Atlantian OP.
* BNA = Bestowed By Not Atlantian - Only when awards are bestowed by Atlantian royalty is that information tracked in the Atlantian OP.

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