Atlantian Order of Precedence
OP Line

The Territorial Princes and Princesses of Atlantia

Arms of Atlantia

Herein lies the Atlantian Royal Lineage in order of reign from the time when Atlantia was a principality of the East Kingdom.

OP Line

# Investiture Date Prince Princess Reign
1 March 26, 1977 (AS 11) Alaric von Rotstern Yseult of Orkney Alaric and Yseult
2 September 24, 1977 (AS 12) Laeghaire O Laverty Ysabeau Cameron Laeghaire and Ysabeau
3 March 18, 1978 (AS 12) Michael of Bedford Carissa of Burgundy Michael and Carissa
4 September 23, 1978 (AS 13) Bryetor Aison of Devon Khirsten Grenville of Devon Bryetor I and Khirsten
5 March 24, 1979 (AS 13) Tojenareum Grenville of Devon Deadra Colin Madoc Tojenareum and Deadra
6 September 15, 1979 (AS 14) Ragnarr Thorwaldsson Gwenllian de la ForĂȘt Ragnarr and Gwenllian
7 April 12, 1980 (AS 14) Bertrand de Flammepoing Astarte Genvieve Ileuad ap Glymdyfrdwy Bertrand and Astarte
8 October 11, 1980 (AS 15) Bryetor Aison of Devon Kathryn Courtney Bryetor II and Kathryn

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