Atlantian Order of Precedence
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Awards by Baronage

Alain and Azza
Barony of Sacred Stone
February 27, 2021 (AS 55) - June 24, 2021 (AS 56)

Arms of Atlantia

Awards bestowed during this term in the order bestowed, grouped by event.

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VIRTUAL: Ymir - The Giant Sleeps (Windmaster's Hill)
# Recipient Award Date
1 Ailis inghean Ui Riagain Baronial Award of Excellence 2/27/2021
2 Isabelle Lafara Spark of the Phoenix 2/27/2021
Virtual Runestone (Sacred Stone)
# Recipient Award Date
3 Ulric von Mainz Baronial Award of Courtesy 5/8/2021
4 Giovanni de Moncellis Talon of the Phoenix 5/8/2021

* Items on Investiture date may be from previous baronage
+ Items on Investiture date may be from next baronage

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