Atlantian Order of Precedence
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Awards by Baronage

Ælfgar and Aryanna
Barony of Lochmere
September 27, 2003 (AS 38) - September 10, 2005 (AS 40)

Arms of Atlantia

Awards bestowed during this term in the order bestowed, grouped by event.

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Knight of the Heart (Lochmere)
# Recipient Award Date
Russian White Nights (Mid-Winters Dance Revel) (Lochmere)
# Recipient Award Date
1 Aeddan Ivor Golden Arrow 1/31/2004
2 Cristina Iarina Chaikinaia Blasted Oak 1/31/2004
3 Mikhail Chaika Pavlov syn Novgorodets Blasted Oak 1/31/2004
4 Quhinten de Rath Blasted Oak 1/31/2004
Night of the Fools (Lochmere)
# Recipient Award Date
5 Michael the Limner Blasted Oak 4/17/2004
6 Michel von Schönsee Blasted Oak 4/17/2004
Masters of Defense (Lochmere)
# Recipient Award Date
7 Alyce Blood Crab's Claw 9/11/2004
8 Griffin Warwick Crab's Claw 9/11/2004
9 Ormwyn of Aclei Blasted Oak 9/11/2004
10 Taira no Akiyo Blasted Oak 9/11/2004
Night on the Town VII - The Bandit King of Smeewic (Lochmere)
# Recipient Award Date
11 Cristina Iarina Chaikinaia Eagle's Feather 4/30/2005
Masters of Defense and Baronial Investiture (Lochmere)
# Recipient Award Date
12 Brian de Moray Crab's Claw 9/10/2005
13 Robert of Calais Blasted Oak 9/10/2005
14 Arghylle Buchanan Crab's Claw 9/10/2005

* Items on Investiture date may be from previous baronage
+ Items on Investiture date may be from next baronage

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