Atlantian Order of Precedence
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Atlantian Barony - Nottinghill Coill

Arms of Nottinghill Coill

First Investiture: January 12, 1980 (AS 14)


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The Barons and Baronesses of Nottinghill Coill

Investiture Date Divestiture Date Baron Baroness Term
January 12, 1980 (AS 14) March 26, 1983 (AS 17) Gavin Reynes   Gavin
March 26, 1983 (AS 17) January 18, 1986 (AS 20) Dressel of Seven Bends Genevieve of Nottinghill Dressel and Genevieve
January 18, 1986 (AS 20) July 30, 1988 (AS 23) Richard de Montbrai Margaret Johanna van Artevelde Richard and Johanna
July 30, 1988 (AS 23) January 6, 1990 (AS 24) Arkein Steinschleifer Katharine Campbell Arkein and Katharine
January 6, 1990 (AS 24) February 5, 1994 (AS 28) Corwyn Wodewarde Deirdre Morgan Corwyn and Deirdre
February 5, 1994 (AS 28) March 2, 1996 (AS 30) Olaf Askoldssonn Gillian of Falconcree Olaf and Gillian
March 2, 1996 (AS 30) March 4, 2000 (AS 34) Corwyn Wodewarde Deirdre Morgan Corwyn and Deirdre
March 4, 2000 (AS 34) March 27, 2004 (AS 38) János of Cyddlain Downs Rachel Wallace János and Rachel
March 27, 2004 (AS 38) April 21, 2007 (AS 41) William Welwyn Julian Hungerford William and Julian
April 21, 2007 (AS 41) February 27, 2010 (AS 44) Talon the Bastard Elizabeth Canynges the Ravenhaired Talon and Elizabeth
February 27, 2010 (AS 44) February 23, 2013 (AS 47) Geldamar le farceur Etain of Sutherland Geldemar and Etain
February 23, 2013 (AS 47) January 30, 2016 (AS 50) Takeda Yoshinaka Ariel Benne Douw Takeda and Ariel
January 30, 2016 (AS 50) January 26, 2019 (AS 53) Lucien de la Rochelle Bríg ingen Érennaigh Lucien and Brig
January 26, 2019 (AS 53) Unknown Elphin ap Dafyd Delia Flammen Elphin and Delia

A Baronial Order of Precedence containing all known members of the Barony

The Awards of Nottinghill Coill

Award Name Award Badge Award Description
Order of the Coill's Bells   Given to children sixteen years of age and under who have distinguished themselves by their contributions to the Barony.
Order of the Coill's Champions   For past Baronial Champions.
Order of the Coill's Muse   For excellence in the Arts and Sciences.
Order of the Gordian Knot   For service to the barony (formerly called Coill's Tripaliare.)
Award of Pewter Spoon   For skill in planning and cooking feasts.
Order of the Silver Knot   For service to the Barony by a gentle not residing in the Barony.
Order of the Sword Knot   For excellence in the martial arts.
Excellence of Nottinghill Coill   Given to those gentles whose works have been particularly pleasing to the Baronage.
Courtesy of Nottinghill Coill   Given to those gentles she deems worthy by reason of their exceptional display of grace and courtesy.
Order of the Coill's Guiding Beacon   Given to those gentles who by word and deed act as guides to those seeking the lights of Chivalry and Courtesy.
Award of the Golden Cord   Given to those gentles who have enriched the Barony and its populace through Service.
Award of the Golden Knot   For excellence in Arts and Sciences.
Award of the Coill's Hydra   For contributions to the Barony by a group.
Award of the Shields Knot   For those showing promise in the arts martial.
Company of Gavin   Serves to honor those who have served the Barony as past Landed Coronets. Named in honor of the founding Baron, Master Gavin Reynes.
Frayed Knot   Excellence in autocratting.

Images of Baronial arms courtesy of Bran Trefonnen and Seamus The Tinker.

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