Atlantian Order of Precedence
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Order of the Silver Tortoise

Recipients are listed in the order bestowed.

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SCA Name Award Date  Event Bestowed By
Vladimir Vladimirovich Vladimirov - Premier 4/4/2015 Night On the Town (Lochmere) Gabrell and Avice
Ashton Spearcrafter 7/30/2016 Pennsic War XLV (Æthelmearc) Gabrell and Avice
Aelfred of Cres 9/23/2017 Battle on the Bay & Lochmere Investiture (Lochmere) Gabrell and Avice
Dealla Cohen 8/6/2018 Pennsic War XLVII (Æthelmearc) Cormac and Sarra
Anne d'Evreux 12/12/2020 Navarre Court at the Royal Palace of Olite (Atlantia) Cormac and Sarra

There are 5 award recipients.

* ENA = Event Not Atlantian - Only events where Atlantian royalty bestowed awards are tracked in the Atlantian OP.
* BNA = Bestowed By Not Atlantian - Only when awards are bestowed by Atlantian royalty is that information tracked in the Atlantian OP.

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